How to use this site

This is a WordPress website built so that people who register here can collaborate to produce the second part of It’s our party let us in (Word format)/It’s our party let us in (pdf format).

If you’ve ever been to an open space event where participants stick ideas up on a wall and everyone adds their ideas, suggestions etc… then hopefully you’ll be ok here!

To kick you off, try and start a topic by answering the question with one suggestion, backed up with your explanation:

What does the Labour Party need to do to comply with the disabilities sections of the Equality Act 2010 and improve its own disability equalities practice?

You can add a topic, and when you do you’ll see a list of categories to put your topic in. If it fits into more than one category, no worries – add as many as you feel is appropriate.

You can also add files or images by clicking Add media.

The topics may form sections in the document we are writing together, that will simply depend on the debate that follows. Categories are to help people navigate around the site and don’t really have any other importance.

You can add new categories if you need to for your topic. (It’ll become clear if you have a go at adding a topic!)

Lastly, make sure to check the box that allows comments towards the bottom of the Add topic page. This enables the debate to start!

When you are happy with your topic, click the publish button to go live.

If you’re happier to participate in the debates rather than starting a topic of your own, that’s fine. Search the site to find what might interest you, click on an interesting category, or click the menu selection to see all topics. You can then reply to a topic someone else has started, they can reply to you and so on. Be open, honest and straightforward but kind and polite at the same time!

This site is being run with the principles of Open Space Technology in mind, although an online version. We’ll agree a deadline together once we’ve got enough topics to do that. I will edit the final document for tone and plain English only – I will not change any agreed content at any time. The final edited draft will be presented back to everyone here for approval prior to us agreeing that it is complete.

If you have any thoughts on improving this website, please email