CLP Disability Officers – Job Share

I have raised this issue on Facebook which some of you may have seen, also amongst disabled people within my local community who like this idea.

I think that all CLP’s should ensure that they have Disability Officer in place, the person to be disabled.  My main vision for all CLP’s to job share this role with a woman and a man (both who have disabilities) and for this to be made either in statute or entered into the Labour Party Rule Book along with the Disability Rights Handbook which is due out next month.  Instead of reproducing these books at an enormous cost, for an amendment sent out to all CLPs and Branches across the UK.

Why job share? You may ask.  The reason for this is because if a certain issue was to come upon a personal issue relating to either a woman or man that is disabled that they would feel comfortable with talking to the same sex Disability Officer regarding their issue.  Also, there is now an awful lot of work involving within us, with the disability community that it is getting far too large to be handled by one person. Splitting the role as a job share would make life easier and help in bringing matters and concerns to each and every Branch and CLP, making our Members aware of disability issues locally and nationally.

I would value your much-needed input on this issue.

Thank you


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